Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian Set To Drop A KKW Fragrance Collaboration Real Soon

Posted by JAsh

kim & kylie - besties in business

That Kardashian/Jenner clan stays booked and busy and I can’t even be mad! They honor family and value their relationships and I’m here for it! I love that they all work with each other on their separate platforms. I remember when they were just one conglomerate, now they are still that and then some!

And I mean really, these women do the damn thing well too. Shout outs to Kris. Mama don’t play about her kids and their career. She has also passed down such an amazing work ethic.

You have to give them the fact that they are a major part of our generation. They know their market and how to get them to buy into every single thing they attach their names on. I mean look at this clip of Kim & Kylie looking at the samples for their upcoming fragrance collaboration.

It’s so intentional. Kim is so thoughtful on her packaging! Being sure that it not only looks good on the shelves but that it also is social media friendly. However silly that may have sounded 5 years ago, that’s so spot on now!

I mean seriously, these women could literally drop everything they are currently doing and just teach lessons on social media and marketing; still be a billion dollar net family. I am truly impressed!

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