The One Thing That Could Be Holding You Back From Creating A Lasting Brand

Posted by JAsh

I bet you were expecting to click on this and get the MAGIC ANSWER! I mean I feel like this answer is pretty magically because it’s really empowering. Personally, when I know I am the one that is in full control of the outcome, like I don’t need to find it in a book or hire someone else for their opinion. But let me get to it. I assume that if you clicked on this post you were trying to get to the root of one of your biggest problems. Figuring out why you are having a hard time creating a lasting brand!cue drum roll


I know I know so simple. But when I tell you it is the most common thing that I find is holding creatives and entrepreneurs back from creating a lasting brand or business! CONSISTENT Self confidence, or the lack there of can hurt one’s brand development in many ways, the main 3 being:

  1. Not feeling like they have enough experience to start
  2. Doubting their idea of success or how they should go about getting it
  3. MOST MAJOR – Undercharging themselves!

I mean look at our President people. He lacks all the experience. His ideals on life SUCK. And his money management skills suck. But did that stop him from running for president. Hell damn no. He projects confidence behind his bullshit on a consistent basis, and that is enough.

When people come to me about how they should develop their marketing or business; I try to tell them what they can offer based on what I feel their strengths are, how much they should charge and how they should position themselves to the money making opportunities that are aligned with their brand. Sometimes I find myself wasting my time telling them how much they should charge if they don’t even understand the value they bring to the table. Which I see more often than not!

The flip side is people that overwhelm themselves with researching their industry and their competitors. You see all these different answers and all these different methods. One thing I love to stress to these folks is that they are reading the experiences of those that were fearless enough to execute their big idea.

Even if their big idea was common. Like starting a podcast, becoming a coach, creating a blog or a clothing company. Their methods vary from one person to the next. They are an expert on what worked for them. Operative phrase being “worked for THEM”! They were confident behind their methods to go for their own ideals of success. However crazy or different, they went for it HARD!

People want this whole cheat code when it comes to their success but it all boils down to having self confidence behind how you move. S

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