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Posted by JAsh

OMG Besties….

Was I the only one whose life blew up during this past Mercury Retrograde? I swear so many wild things happened. One of which being me being so caught up in my daughter’s Make A Wish trip and negating to pay my website hosting, so once I started to get back to blogging business I realized that I had lost my previous content. Crazy right!?

I was a little pissed I can’t even lie to you. However it worked out in my favor because I was really looking to refresh my blogs and I mean wiping my content clean wasn’t my initial plan however it was the swift kick in the butt that I needed to create what I truly want!

I look at the term April Shower brings May flowers symbolic of April being a month to reevaluate your process, refresh your outlook, and revitalize your energy! This month’s content will definitely reflect all of those points! Not to mention April is the month of one of our most anticipated events to date!!

420 her way

420 Her Way is a canna infused brunch buffet experience for female creatives and entrepreneurs. I can not wait to link up with everyone! I’m so excited!! If you are in the Baltimore area you should definitely come out!!

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