Wine Down With Usual Wines Super Cute 2 Pack Single Serve Bottles

Posted by JAsh

Seriously how cute are these?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always here for a good bevy in cute packaging!! Visual Wines has those two things figured out! This red wine and rose duo pack is everything! Like first let’s get into these sleek and cute bottles that are 6.3 ounces a piece.

Honey, do you know that’s a heavy pour!?

And after a long day kicking ass in the office, we all could use a heavy pour, OKAY!!?

These Visual Wines blends are from California and are well known for the high quality! The concept of Usual Wines is super dope as well! It’s a direct to consumer model which allows the brand to not only be more accessible to their customers, but it allows them to foster a long lasting relationship through education. They have a 24 hour wine hotline and personal concierge service!

Visual Wines may be a newer wine company, however, they definitely have the timeless formula popping!!

Pictures from HYPEBAE.

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