Besties In Business is a millennial girl club for female creatives and entrepreneurs! Outside of the content, hosting events is one of the most major components of BESTIES in BUSINESS! Bringing women together who may or may not have connected otherwise. We provide experiences curated for the female creatives so you can definitely expect an dope time!


#BYOBBrunch is a pop up brunch series where we link up at different locations and enjoy great food and even better conversation!

#420HerWay is our next brunch!!! Get your tickets now!


GIRLS Will Be Girls is an outdoor festival to showcase female creatives and entrepreneurs. From performers to live artists and of course plenty of vendors, GIRLS Will Be Girls is going to be the best time ever!

More details coming soon!!


SQUAD GOALS is an adult field day for creatives and entrepreneurs to take a break from their every day grind and busting a sweat. There will be solo and group activities… hence the name, SQUAD GOALS!

More details coming soon!!

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